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Flat Roof Replacement Made Easy

If you’re doing a flat roof replacement or repair, then it is important to apply caution. Using flat roof mainly for decorative purposes is actually a norm these days in many different homes. If you want your property to be maintained well enough, then you might want to take a good look at the steps below.

It is more ideal to buy a replacement section for damaged areas especially if it is just a small portion of the entire roof. However, you have to ensure that you have done in-depth cleaning of any gravel and dirt you’ve seen. The gravel can actually be reused for repairs so don’t just throw it away. Damaged parts can be removed by using a straight edged utility knife. You’ll have to put efforts to cut the rectangular part of the roofing material. The first layer need to be cut first and as for the next layers that are also damaged, you can cut it right after.

From roll roofing or asphalt shingles, you may cut out the replacement area of the roofing material. Depending on the size that has to be removed for doing repairs, the replacement should be the same size. In the cutout area, you can spread the plastic roofing repair cement however as you are doing such, be sure that the cement is over the edges of the cutout section. After it is properly set in place, you’ve got to nail the patch. The patch needs to be positioned around the perimeter of the area and you could make use of galvanized roofing repair nails and make sure that they’re around 2 inches apart.

Flat roof replacement that is actually four inches bigger than first replacement needs to be cut while the first patch should be overlapped by around two inches on each side. The roofing cement could be used in covering the first replacement patch and you should extend it by around 3″ outside the perimeter. You should firmly press the replacement and ensure that it is kept in place while cementing and nailing it much like what you’ve done in the first replacement.

On the other hand, let us just assume that you don’t have the luxury of time to get all these things done or perhaps, you don’t want to bother yourself from doing such tasks, then it will be preferable to hire a roofing company who can assist you. The best thing about hiring the pros is the fact that you will be provided with the expertise, experience, knowledge and tools in doing flat roof replacement. This way, your routine wouldn’t have to be disrupted.

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